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The Pet Activity Service at DCC Animal Hospital provides the highest level of personalized service. We understand that each pet has a unique personality and thus, to cater to their personalized needs, we offer custom-designed activity options to meet the lifestyle needs of each pet and their parents.

There is nothing more joyful than seeing a group of dogs romping around. During playtime, dogs are matched according to size, age and activity level and taken to our purpose-built in-house part in our state-of-the-art facility in Gurgaon.

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Pet Behavior Training Gurgaon

We have created a loving place keeping your beautiful pets in mind. We offer everything your 4 legged family member requires with international standard dog daycare, overnight, weekend, holiday boarding and spa services.

Our professionally trained DCC dog trainers, are here to love and take care of your pet like their own. You can trust that your dog will come home overjoyed and most likely tired from all of the excitement he will experience throughout the day.

Some of our services under pet activities are –

  • Daycare
  • Pet behavior training 
  • Hydrotherapy Pool 
  • Cardio & Pet fitness 

Some Of The Common Questions

How can I teach well behavior to my pet?

When your pet doesn't get involved in activities, they tend to show behavioral problems because they are not getting a chance to channelize their energy properly. They need an active lifestyle to release their stress and develop coordination.

How can I form stronger bond with my pet?

Any type of activity helps your pet release anxiety and aggression. It leads to relaxation and you get a chance to develop a bond with him because pet activities help you interact with him in a unique manner.

How to reward my pet?

When it comes to rewarding, the best reward for them can be food. They love working for their food due to their natural hunting instincts.

How can I use toys to play with my pet?

We suggest you to not give all the toys at the same time. Rotate out a few week to increase stimulation he gets from them. You can also hide its toy somewhere and he will be very happy to discover it.

Why engaging your pet in some activities important?

If you have a pet you already know that how much they enjoy playing. Running with your dog or playing with cat can be fun for you and him but these activities are more than just fun. Doing such activities regularly is important for your pet's well being.

What kind of activities do I engage my pet in?

Some pet activities we believe, every pet enjoys are running, playing in an open field, stay at pet friendly hotel, boat ride and teaching them a new trick.

Why exercising is important for my pet?

Exercising regularly ensures weight balance. House pets can get use to sedentary lifestyle very fast. They can become obese by not playing and over eating. Exercising also increases their lifespan because they are very happy when active.

How pet activities can boost my pet's mood?

Staying inside the house all the time can be boring for your pet. Playing and running with your pet can boost your pet's mood and help him relieve stress. Aim for 15 minutes play or run with your bed and you will see wonderful results.

We are here for your pet's needs

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