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It might be fun to watch dog parents struggling to bathe their furry ones but the reality is often much less fun. It can be messy, time-consuming, and stressful for both you and your pooch. Take the anxiety out of bathing your dog at home and let our professional grooming team handle it instead.

At DCC Animal Hospital, you can book the dog & cat grooming service. Our caring team creates a relaxing environment for your dog in our state-of-the-art pet grooming facilities in Gurgaon. These facilities are designed to cater to provide maximum comfort to our furry guests. 

Our dog grooming facilities are fully stocked with hypoallergenic shampoos, conditioners and products designed specifically to be safe and gentle on your dog’s skin and coat. Our grooming attendants are highly trained at handling all small size animals and breeds and know how to put them at ease.

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Significance of Animal Grooming!

Grooming helps your dog’s skin breathe and maintains the sebum level in their coat. Brushing your dog’s coat helps it grow healthy and strong and removes old and damaged hair. Grooming is a perfect way to bond with your dog. 

What should you do if your dog doesn’t like being groomed? Make grooming a happy experience for your pooch by praising and rewarding him/her with treats if required. 

Professional groomers have all the tools and knowledge you are unlikely to possess at home.

Your Pet Deserves the Best!

If you’ve ever tried your hands in trimming your dog’s nails on your own, you must be aware that they have a blood vessel called the “quick” which runs through the middle of their nails.

Accidentally chopping the quick can led to accessive bleeding and unbearable pain to your pet. Avoid the hassle and leave the nail trims to our grooming experts, who know exactly how far to cut with nail clippers or file them properly

Pamper your pet with DCC’s grooming services, including:

  • Shampoo Baths- Dog’s /Cat’s skin/coat is very different from ours. Shampoos for humans contain numerous harsh chemicals that may harm a dog’s coat and irritate his/her skin. We use gentle selected  dog/cat shampoos, recommended by the vets to preserve the natural oils nourishing their skin and coat while also removing the dirt.
  • Brush Outs – As a part of our pet grooming, we brush your cat or dog’s fur. It not only makes them look good but also benefits their health.
  • Ear Cleaning – Cleaning your pet’s ears frequently is a simple solution to help prevent painful ear infections. Our groomers sterilize their tools before and after the cleaning procedure.
  • Teeth Brushing – One of the best preventative measures for your pet is to go for a professional dental cleaning. Our professionals examine the mouth to check for various dental problems, including plaque and gum swelling. 
  • Nail Trims – Dogs with trimmed nails are indeed healthy and hygienic. Don’t know how to clip your dog’s nails/You feel you might hurt them? When it comes to clipping your dog’s nails, it is best to leave it to our professionals. 

You can count on us to get top-notch pet grooming services for your lovely companions. We take care of everything.


Some Of The Common Questions

What are the benefits of pet grooming?

Regular pet grooming removes dirt, dandruff, dead hair, hairballs. It helps to identify and skin related problems like ticks, fleas, bald and dry patches and helps to control any eye infection due to excess hair.

How often should I give my pet a professional grooming?

It mostly depends on the breed and hair length but they should be groomed once a month by a professional. Frequent brushing and grooming should be done at home to avoid any skin, eye or ear related problem.

Is professional pet grooming expensive?

Pet grooming services can be expensive because it is a time taking job. A pet groomer does an intensive process to groom your pet. They also do lot of washing and brushing throughout the body. They have lot of workload and it is a difficult job.

What will happen if I do not take my dog to a professional groomer?

If you don't groom your dog then dead skin and dirt will pile up on their skin which will make them feel very uncomfortable. Grooming your dog will help you keep your house clean aside from making him look fabulous.

Why pet grooming is important?

Regular professional grooming of your pet is important for his health and appearance.

What does pet grooming means?

Regular pet grooming includes, washing and brushing of the fur, trimming the nails so that they can walk properly and avoid any risk of serious injury, reducing and shedding the hair.

Does grooming makes my pet feel comfortable?

Yes, definitely. Regular grooming will make your pet feel comfortable inside out. It will remove the excess fur which will avoid all the fur related problems.

How can I prevent my pet from infection?

The most efficient way to avoid infection is regular grooming. Grooming includes special cleaning of nail and teeth which reduces major risk of contracting any infection.

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