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In this world of digitization, online vet consultation has become important to counter the unfavourable situations that have recently risen and also to cope-up with the busy lifestyle we have been leading lately.

We at DCC Animal Hospital put in our best efforts to bring to you, customized solutions to your pet’s health problem. We make them feel healthy and happy. The combination of compassion with expertise in our field is what makes us different from all other animal hospitals.

Pet consultation requires deep understanding and experience in the veterinary field and we have that covered for you. With a team of internationally acclaimed vet professionals, we bring to the table, the latest methodology and technology to walk hand in hand with your pet and you.

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Feel free to ask our doctor’s anything about:

Pet health

Have questions about your pet’s general health? We’ve got you covered. You can book an appointment with our tele-consultants or drop by to our state-of-the-art facility in New Delhi & Gurgaon.

Pet vaccination

Got a new pet? Consult our expert veterinarians online or in-person. Know the benefits of the vaccinations and also, the future vaccinations for your pet.

Pet behavior

Consult our experts and know about your pet’s behavior. Our expertise allows us to provide you with the best solutions to deal with any erratic or unusual behaviour.

Second opinion

Second thoughts crossing your minds over an already ongoing treatment for your pet? We are there to help you. Contact our veterinary doctor online or book an appointment for in-person visit for a second opinion and get relieved from the worrying thoughts.


Some Of The Common Questions

Why do pets eat poop?

Sometimes out of boredom or large appetite pets eat poop. This does not mean that it is happening due to some deficiency in their nutrients. Sometimes, healthy pets develop this as a habit.

Can I get sick due to my pet?

If you pet has cold or you have cold, it is less likely to transfer. However, few conditions, including intestinal parasites and skin diseases can transfer to people.

What kind of parasite protection should I provide my dog with?

Your pets should be protected from the fleas, ticks and worms all throughout the year. The parasite protection should change with every season. In summers, ticks grow exponentially so you have to be vigilant and provide them with proper treatment as recommended by his veterinarian.

What are the common pet medication that I should keep with me at all times?

Few common pet medications to keep with you always are acid blockers, antibiotics, anti-fungals, anti-inflammatories, anti-parasitics, behaviour medication, gastro-intestinal medication and heart medication.

What type of foods in healthiest for my pet?

Look for food that is certified. Certification shows that the company is meeting all the recommended nutritional standard for pets.

How to know that my pet is overweight?

Many people does not know how to check their pet's weight. To know if your pet is overweight simple trick is you should be able to feel your pet’s ribs but also feel a thin fat covering over them.

Should I brush my pet's teeth?

Poor oral hygiene can cause gum problems which exposes dogs and cats to heart and liver diseases. If your pet cannot tolerate brushing, then you can give him dental chews available in the market.

How often should I bathe my dog?

If your dog does not have any skin condition, they do not need to bathe more than once a week. Clean your pet's teeth and ears to avoid infection.

We are here for your pet's needs

DCC PetConnect, out mobile application is coming soon on the Apple App Store & Google Play Store. Stay tuned for updates.

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