Pet Health And Fitness

Pet Health And Fitness

Dental health in pets is very important

Your pet’s dental health is key to a health happy life of your pet. It is where long term issues can start to develop so just like health check ups, ensure you do align dental check ups for your pet. Preventive care is better than curative. Start young!

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Even for us humans, tartar, bad breath, or a chipped tooth can be very troublesome. Right? It makes us so uncomfortable and cranky when we have a tooth issue. Somehow for one it’s constant and second you just seem to feel it every time you eat something taking the joy of food too!

It’s no different for our canines, and what’s different is that they can’t make a fuss about it, so we as pet parents, need to ensure we have their dental health in our control. Just as we know a health checkup is key and must be scheduled for our pets at regular intervals, same must be the practice for their dental health as that’s the only way to keep a check, because they start developing issues once 3 years+ of age. By age 3, over 80 percent of dogs have some form of dental disease, also known as periodontal disease. Dog dental disease has serious consequences, so maintaining good dog dental care is very important.

Watch out signs, if you spot these, immediate book an appointment with your vet, ideally if you make dental checks a practice with your vet, such symptoms are unlikely to develop

  • Broken teeth
  • Loose teeth
  • Bad breath
  • Painful and bleeding mouth
  • Refusal or inability to eat and drink
  • Drooling

These if left untreated can cause bacteria to develop and also damage organs. Thus to ensure pain free and disease free, happy healthy pet, be cognizant of their dental health and as part of preventive care ask your vet to keep a tab on dental wellness!

Pet Health And Fitness

Pet Health and Care

What causes dental disease in pets?

Dental disease begins when bacteria in your pet’s mouth collect to form plaque, which hardens into tartar that can spread below the gumline. Once tartar spreads below the gumline, it begins to cause problems not only for your pet’s oral health, but also for their health as a whole.

How often does my dog or cat need to have their teeth cleaned?

It can vary. A mixture of genetics, jaw structure, home oral healthcare, and lifestyle can make a huge difference in how often your pet’s teeth need to be professionally cleaned, and the only way to know is to have them evaluated by the veterinarian.

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