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How often should I take my pet to the clinic for a routine checkup?

Nobody loves your pet as much as you therefore, always take your pet to the best veterinary hospital. You should understand things to do before and after a visit to the vet. Here are few tips to make your visit to a veterinary clinic for a routine checkups seamless.

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It’s ideal to carry your pet’s medical history, also the vet is likely to ask certain questions for the best diagnosis:

  • What kind of food does your pet eat?
  • How much water does your pet drink in a day?
  • Vaccination/ Deworming and ectoparasite control status
  • Past medical records
  • Their sleep cycle.
  • Recent travel and any other relevant medical milestone.

Like humans, cats, dogs, and other pets also need regular checkups but the biggest question is, how often should you get it done? The answer to this question totally depends on at what life stage your pet is at and do ensure that your pet’s vaccination schedule is followed in time, in case of any skip do highlight the fact to your vet.

When your pet comes into your family, the first thing you should ideally do is visit a vet for a complete health check and plan out vaccinations and nutrition.

Veterinarians will examine your pet from head to toe to make sure he gets all the vaccinations required for him. He will also check other symptoms of illness. It is recommended to take your pet to a veterinarian every six months. Some vets also check their daily food, routine, and exposure. An adult pet depending on the type of breed, between 1-7 years should be taken once a year for a routine checkup just as in the case with humans. Senior pets aged 7-10, require at least two checkups during a year.

It can be stressful for your pet to visit a vet, so we suggest you get their favourite toy, snack, and water. Always ask the vet if your pet needs to have an empty stomach before the examination. Always carry your kitten in a carrier and your dog should be wearing a leash during the vet visit.

Pet Health And Fitness

Pet Health and Care

What questions should I ask to my vet during routine checkup?

Few questions to ask during a regular routine checkup are, Is my pet healthy?, What food is best for my pet?, Is my pet’s vaccination on track?, When should I next visit you?, Does my pet require any medical test? Read more

What does vet consultation include?

Vet consultation includes, detailed history of your pet’s medical report and his current health condition. You can ask for a complete medical examination to understand any other health issue.Read more

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