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Get best veterinary advice no matter where you are

In this world of digitization, online vet consultation has become important to counter the unfavourable situations that have recently risen and also to cope-up with the busy lifestyle we have been leading lately. Sometimes one also wonders if the health concern is big enough to take the pet to the hospital or an advice from the vet could help. Worry not! Be it an advice or a second opinion, we at DCC are here for you and your pets.

Veterinary Telehealth Consultation
Veterinary Doctor Online
Veterinary Telehealth Consultation Delhi
Veterinary Telehealth Consultation Gurgaon

Feel free to ask our doctor’s anything about:

Pet health

Have questions about your pet’s general health? We’ve got you covered. You can book an appointment with our tele-consultants or drop by to our state-of-the-art facility in New Delhi & Gurgaon.

Pet vaccination

Got a new pet? Consult our expert veterinarians online or in-person. Know the benefits of the vaccinations and also, the future vaccinations for your pet.

Pet behavior

Consult our experts and know about your pet’s behavior. Our expertise allows us to provide you with the best solutions to deal with any erratic or unusual behaviour.

Second opinion

Second thoughts crossing your minds over an already ongoing treatment for your pet? We are there to help you. Contact our veterinary doctor online or book an appointment for in-person visit for a second opinion and get relieved from the worrying thoughts.


Some Of The Common Questions

I’m not in Delhi NCR, can I still book a telehealth appointment?

Yes! You can consult with one our doctors no matter where you are based out of. In case your pet requires additional check-ups, you can always visit a local veterinarian and follow our guidance.

How long does a telehealth consultation last?

Typically, telehealth consultations last between 15-30 minutes. But don't worry, there's no time limit! Our doctors will spend time with you and your pet and ensure all your queries are answered.

What devices are compatible with tele-consultations?

For the teleconsultation, all you need to have is a working computer or laptop with a webcam and mic. Soon, we will be launching Android and iOS applications and you will be able to attend a teleconsultation through that as well!

What happens if I need to have an operation, test or other procedure that cannot be done through the screen?

In such cases, we would request you to bring your pet to one of our clinics. In case you don't live in Delhi NCR, you can go to a local veterinarian and our doctors will guide you.

Is there anything I need to prepare before I speak to the vet?

If available please keep your pet's vaccination record, deworming record, anti-tick/flea medication record, previous test reports (blood test, radiograph, ultrasound, etc) and previous prescriptions with you before your consultation.

How can I book a telehealth consultation?

Booking a telehealth consultation is easy! Just visit https://book.dccpets.in and follow the simple steps to sign up for a consultation! Read More

How will I be able to connect with the doctor?

Once you have booked an appointment, you will receive a link to join the telehealth consultation. Join the link at your appointment time and the doctor will take care of the rest!

What are the charges? How can I pay?

The charges for a telehealth consultation are Rs. 1000. Once you make an appointment, you will receive details on how to make the payment in an email. Please make the payment before your appointment time.

If I visit once with my pet, can follow-ups be on telehealth?

Yes! We can do follow-ups via telehealth in some cases. However, in case your pet requires a physical examination or any lab tests, they will have to visit a clinic in person.

Can I speak to the doctor after a telehealth consultation for follow-ups?

Yes! You are free to message the doctor about any updates or concerns for up to 3 days after your consultation. In case you have additional questions after that, you can book a new appointment.

We are here for your pet's needs

DCC PetConnect, out mobile application is coming soon on the Apple App Store & Google Play Store. Stay tuned for updates.

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