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4 reasons why your dog licks your face


We often see dogs licking people's faces. But if it's too persistent, you may become a little bit worried, don't you think? The act of licking, which is unique to animals, has a variety of meanings and reasons hidden in it. Do you know the real reason why your dog licks your face?

Reason 1: Licking is an animal instinct your dog cannot go against

Wolves that live in packs are said to lick their faces when they are greeting, obeying, or begging for food to be spit back out. Dogs may also lick their faces in the same way. Also, in households with several dogs, dogs licking each other's faces and ears is common, so there may be an aspect of grooming for their companions.

Reason 2: Your dog is intrigued by your smell

There are times when dog lick humans' mouths only because the area around their mouths smells like food. In addition to food, people may also lick because of the smell of cosmetics that they put on their face, such as lotion and moisturizer. Some of the moisturizing ingredients used in cosmetics have a sweet taste when licked, so in some cases they like the sweetness of cosmetics. On the other hand, they may be licking their owner's face to get rid of an undesirable smell.

Reason 3: Your dog licks your face because he wants to relieve his anxiety

A dog's personality is another reason for licking.
They may engage in the act of licking to relieve anxiety. In addition to the mental aspect of anxiety, dogs may also lick their owners' faces because of physical ailments such as pain or lethargy, and they want to calm down. In addition to face licking, if you notice something unusual, ask yourself, "Is he under a lot of stress? "Is he feeling sick?" It is a good idea to pay attention to such signs.

Reason 4: Your dog has learnt that licking your face makes you happy

If your dog felt that you were happy when you got your face licked in the past, he may think, "licking someone's face is something good to do", and continue licking it.

For example, let's say that you were startled by a sudden lick on your face, so you let out a little scream and laughed. Then the dog would think, "I licked his face and my owner was happy! That's fun! I'll lick him again".

There are many reasons why dogs lick people's faces, but they will not approach and lick the face of someone they are wary of. The act of licking a person's face can only be done when the dog is at ease with this person.

If my dog doesn't lick my face, does he not love me?

Dogs, like people, vary widely in how they show emotion and how social they are. One dog may love couch snuggles and face licks, while another dog may sit stoically on the other side of the room from you.

Often the behavior varies by breed, with some breeds craving close interaction with humans more than others. This varied behavior does not necessarily indicate a difference in affection; it's just different ways of showing love based on the dog's personality.

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