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Our diverse team of experienced veterinary experts

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Our diverse team of experienced veterinary experts

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Dr. Prabhakaran Palanichamy

Dr. Prabhakaran, a seasoned veterinarian since November 2003, earned his BVSc in 2001 and completed MVSc in Clinical Medicine and Therapeutics in 2003 at Madras Veterinary College (TANUVAS). His postgraduate thesis focused on dermatology, specifically pododermatitis. With 21 years of expertise, he has been associated with a prominent Animal Welfare Organization in Delhi. A frequent participant in international conferences, Dr. Prabhakaran has a keen interest in ophthalmology & also conducts workshops in this field. Proficient in spaying, neutering, and general surgery, he tends to eight dogs & three cats at home and cares for 40 stray dogs in the vicinity. Dr. Prabhakaran chose DCC for its advanced medical care, commitment to global animal health, and for its mission of fostering global awareness. His diverse experiences and passion make him a valuable contributor to the veterinary community.