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What factors to keep in mind when choosing a dog for your family


Owning a puppy brings its own special rewards and responsibilities and is not a decision that should be undertaken lightly. Many factors need to be accounted for since it's a decision of life, a new family member and the commitment needs to be as much and maintainable for years to come.

Let's discuss some of those factors which we still recommend you discuss with an expert, a professional preferably a veterinarian to make an informed decision and be able to provide the best to the little fur ball you bring home and call your own.

Size of the dog

Size of the dog will depend on the size of the house and open space you have available. Size of the dog also impacts the cost of ownership. Usually bigger dogs, be it their beds, blankets, accessories. Also, medication costs can be significantly greater for bigger dogs. Boarding, grooming, food costs and veterinary fees could also be some of the cost elements that may directly be proportional to the size of the dog.


When choosing a dog for your family, it is best to be clear about the purpose or role you want the dog to fulfil in your life and your family's life. Most people keep dogs as companions for themselves and their kids or parents, thus it is advisable to discuss the temperament of different dog breeds with your vet and find a suitable temperament breed that has the correct level of socialization needs and fits best as part of your family. It is essential that your experience of being a dog parent is as pleasurable as is the life of the pet in your house.

Exercise needs

Dogs need daily exercise for their wellbeing and health. However, the type and amount can vary with the type of dog, also the number of hours of exercise your dog needs are based on their size and can vary from one to several hours a day so keep that in mind because it means a commitment on time and space both. This could be challenging in times of weather adversities like rain or hectic schedules of your work, so it is important to consider a minimum number of hours you are willing to dedicate to this for your pet.


Dogs are social animals and companionship is key for their happiness and wellbeing. If left alone for long they are likely to become bored, sad and develop behavioral issues. So, think deeply and plan how you and your family can give time to your dog even on occasions when you are very busy. Also, dogs enjoy the companionship of other dogs, but think deeply about your comfort with finances, place and time before getting more than one dog.

Your local veterinarian is the best friend to go to for this advice. Best to discuss need, breed, nutrition, and maintenance before you finalize on what pet you bring in.

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