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DCC Animal hospital is equipped with operation theatres, an intensive care unit, recovery rooms, imaging and pathology services. It is conceived as a one-stop destination that provides high-quality medical care for pets? in preventive care, radiology, dentistry, surgical, diagnostic and therapeutic services. DCC Animal Hospital also has emergency and critical care services, 365 days a year.

Explore all DCC Animal pet-related services below.

pet health consultation

Pet Health Consultation

Our experienced doctors provide personalized answers to your concerns both in person as well as via telehealth

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Veterinary Surgery


Our doctors are well experienced to perform a comprehensive range of pet surgery using the latest equipment. All surgical areas maintain the highest standards of hygiene and all surgical procedures follow global industry standards.

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Veterinary Consultation Online

Telehealth Consultation

DCC Veterinarians ensure each pet parent and pet get enough focus and time, feeling assured and satisfied. Our Telehealth consultation can be accessed via an online booking on our website or via call.

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Animal Eye Care

Pet Eye Care

Your dog’s eyes are too important to take any chances. Take care of your pup’s eyes and monitor for any eye problems. Be it eye discharge or redness, let your pooch come to us and we will take care of it

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Veterinary Radiology

Pet Radiography

We’re equipped to perform routine pet radiography services to identify many types of illnesses or injuries when your pooch is sick or has suffered from trauma. Visit our state-of-the-art facility in Gurgaon & New Delhi for a quick pet healthcare checkup.

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Dog Dental Care

Pet Dentistry

Did you know that your pet’s oral health affects his/her overall health and that problem in their mouth can affect the rest of their body? To keep your pet healthy, start with their teeth. Our state-of-the-art facility in Greater Kailash 2, New Delhi & Palam Vihar, Gurgaon offers all sorts of advanced pet dentistry services to help your pooch with all their dental issues.

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Pet Vaccinations

Pet Vaccination

Pet vaccination plays a critical role in protecting your pet from many life-threatening diseases. At DCC Animal Hospital, we take care of your pooch’s health. Don’t forget to bring your pet for a regular checkup at DCC.

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veterinary pathology

Veterinary Pathology

At DCC Animal Hospital, we take pride in delivering personal customer service and experiences unmatched by larger corporate labs in the industry. Our experienced veterinary staff will work with you to determine appropriate tests to understand the problem your pet is facing.

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Veterinary ICU

Our veterinary ICU is equipped with the latest in diagnostic, support, and monitoring equipment. Our team of dedicated veterinary doctors and nurses are available to care for your pet when illness or disaster strikes.

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Pet Boarding Services

Pet Boarding

Visit our facility for pet boarding services. Our boarding service is your best friend, where you can drop off your pet for a longer duration if you are not in town or occupied with some work.

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Pet Grooming

Book a personalized pet grooming session with DCC pet groomers who take pleasure in making your furry kids look good.

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Pet Daycare

Pet Daycare

Luckily, with DCC Pets, you don’t have to worry about leaving your pet alone at home. Visit our state-of-the-art facility for your pet’s all daycare needs.

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Pet Behavior Training

Pet Activities

Spend a day with your four-legged best friend, at our sprawling 45000 square feet facility where you can enjoy swimming, running, walking, playing and many more pet activities with him.

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