Pet Health

Tips and tricks to keep your pooch happy!

We understand how you feel when your pooch is not feeling good and that’s why we exist. We share our views and insights around pet healthcare, wellness, and fitness every week with our pet lovers. Get your companion to visit us once and we will be friends.

Pet Health is matter of habit. If we inculcate a process of regular health maintenance for our companions, we can ensure a happy healthy life! DCC is here to help you with all that you may need to know about your pet’s maintenance. Follow us regularly for more content.


Our aim is to educate every animal lover

Our pet is our best friend and it is very important to keep him healthy and happy. They are the happiest when taken care of. It is important to ensure their physical and mental well-being. Spending some time and playing with them will make them happy. Regular checkups, preventative medications, socialization, and grooming contribute towards a healthy lifestyle is the key to their happiness.


We are here for your pet's needs

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